Brick Fireplace

The Fireplace Man is able to help you with brick fireplaces old and new. Need help with brick fireplace installations, repairs or maintenance? Contact Us Now

From custom brick fireplaces to existing brick fireplaces, we are able to help you find solutions that are suited to your home, office or business requirements. We service almost all types of brick fireplaces and chimneys, no matter the shape or size. Here are just some examples of the types of fireplaces we work on and services we provide:

Traditional Brick Fireplaces with Modern Flueing Systems

These are fireplaces that have false chimneys with a modern flue system built inside. If you have an old fireplace, we can assist you with bringing it in line with modern standards.

Brick Fireplaces 1930-1950

These fireplaces were mostly built between the 19th century and the mid 20th century, using styles and techniques that could be dated and unstable. Our services ensure that your fireplace is up to modern safety standards.

Brick Fireplaces 1950s (Precast Concrete Chimneys)

After WW2, these brick fireplaces were beginning to be built with concrete and precast pumice. However strong precast chimneys might be, they are susceptible to cracks which could affect both the fireplace and chimney.

Custom Built Brick Open Fireplaces And Chimneys

We can help with the installation of new brick fireplaces which can also be designed and built to suit any size, style, position or design requirements. We can even help with additions like grates, mantles and fascias.

Brick And Tile Cast Iron Register Type Fireplaces 1940’s

These are cast iron fireplaces with decorative tiles which are designed to fit into a brick chimney fireplace chase. From cast iron to the timber, tiles, and hearth can be refurbished to be modernised.

Have a unique brick fireplace? Contact us now by emailing us photos to see what we can help you with. Remember that we service the Auckland region, Northland region, and the Coromandel Peninsula region.

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