Fireplace Problems? Contact Us!

Are you looking for expert help with a new install, refurbishment project or are you having maintenance issues with you current fireplace?

The Fireplace Man is the specialist who can answer your queries and find solutions for your fireplaces.

Three simple steps will secure you a free inspection report and estimate without the need for a physical inspection.


Take photos of the problem or proposed job:

Take clear, high resolution and well lit photos of the specific problem or proposed job. Include photos that identify the area where the fireplace is installed or is to be installed. 


Take more photos of the fireplace's interior and exterior surroundings:

You can never include too much information. Hearth, wall surrounding the flue, chimney materials, interior and exterior wall cladding, roofing, flashing. Help us see every aspect of the job, just like we were there at a physical inspection. See photos for examples.

Photos: Outside Top View, Outside Ground View, Outside Eye View, Hearth, Centre View Of Fireplace, Ceiling Above Fireplace, A Further View Of Chimney


Email your collection of photos:

Send us all your photos along with a summary of how we can help you. Include your physical address so the inspection report can also include the estimated mileage costs.

The more accurate the information that you provide, the more accurate our work can be. Providing us with as much detail can help us assess and solve the problem, but also implement proper standards and regulations, resulting in a job that can last up to 30 years.

We service fireplaces from Coromandel to the Cape