Below are the most common questions that we get on the job, which we also provide services for:

Brick Open Fireplace Hearth Refurbishment (Pre 1940s)

If you have cracked, broken, or uneven tiles/masonry on the hearth, there is a common reason for this. The existing hearth will need to be removed to expose the support structure underneath as part of any hearth refurbishment. Irrespective of the design of the proposed new hearth, the support structure design of the 40’s and older brick chimney hearths was not best practice evidenced by the observed breakdown of the hearth surface. The existing support structure will need to be removed and replaced with an appropriate structurally designed support. This does not require an engineers report, but does require a competent fireplace technician with construction experience. The new hearth can then be laid once the subsurface structure has been stabilised.

Mantle/Fascia Refurbishment

Fascia’s can be constructed of timber, stone, schist, brick, marble, granite, slate, machined stone or plaster and there are many mediums facias can be made of.

Timber Mantle/Fascia’s can be removed and refurbished off site when there is borer or rotten timber present. After the refurbishment it can be repainted, returned to the site and reinstalled. An extra mantle shelf or mirror on the back board, including filigree or period mouldings can also be added.

Health & Safety Inspections, And Certification For Insurance Purposes

We can help provide health and safety inspections for insurance purposes. These will usually detail existing problems or any other information your insurance company needs. This is beneficial for older fireplaces that do not have permit paperwork attached to the property or a LIM report.

Get in touch now to learn more about our services for brick fireplaces. Remember that we service the Auckland region, Northland region, and the Coromandel Peninsula region.