Fire Place Problem?

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  • Are you installing a new fireplace and fuel system?

  • Have you purchased a new fireplace and want it installed?
  • Do you want advice on what type, size, make or model to purchase?
  • What about a Hearth, do you want one that fits seamlessly into the installation area?
  • Have you thought about Wet-Back or Solar Heating options?

We have the expertise to provide you with the answers to all your queries, and the most cost effective solutions to that new fireplace installation. Remember CALL THE FIREPLACE MAN and get it right, right from the start by doing it once and doing it right.

The Fireplace Man is able to configure and install a fireplace that suits your requirements and the ambience of your house, so that your new fireplace fits in seamlessly with your home and lifestyle. As an added benefit all NEW INSTALLATIONS come with a TEN YEAR GUARANTEE.

"Talk to THE FIREPLACE MAN about the range of fireplaces we can offer, were certain that we can create the perfect fireplace installation for you."