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We can handle custom fireplaces from traditional brick and register types to modern fireplaces


Fireplaces are the heart of the home - it provides warmth and comfort for the whole family. So it is fitting that you would want to get a custom made fireplace that will suit your home, family and lifestyle. This is where The Fireplace Man is able to help you. We can assist in the installation, repair, or maintenance of custom fireplaces in any home. No matter what type of fireplace you have, traditional, contemporary or even an incorporation of old concepts with modern designs, we have the expertise to deal with a variety of specifications & requirements. You can rest assured knowing that our workmanship is conducted with engineering precision and a high compliance with fireplace standards and regulation. As an added benefit all NEW INSTALLATIONS come with a TEN YEAR GUARANTEE.


Blow Back Problem / Modification to Alfresco Brick Open Fireplace chimney flashing and cowl system with the addition of a third fule system for a 26 kw solid fuel heater in the lounge.

Self Supporting un-braced Heat Saver Flue System. Also available on Double Cased Systems

Bricked Open Fireplace to Modern Flue Transition/ Opening size 1.6m x 1.0m/ 400mm insulated flue


Two Bricked Open Fireplaces Alfresco and Lounge with Flue Transitions.


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